Mr. Ben Stewart

CEO at Blooket


A super nice member!

I teach ages: 1 to 22


September 16, 2019

Blooket is a fantastic tool that puts a whole new spin on the classic classroom review. If you’re looking for something way more engaging and exciting than games like Kahoot!, check out Blooket. After testing it in many classrooms, I’ve seen kids become more engaged than ever before. Afterward, students constantly ask to play it again and again.

While it might take a game or two to get used to some of the game modes, once your students figure them out, they’ll be hooked. It’s also super easy to create a question set on whatever I want, and I can make sure students are understanding the content with game history reports. My favorite part is getting a classroom of students to focus all their attention on learning with this gamified style.

Blooket also does an amazing job of interacting with its community. They offer quests with rewards to motivate you to play games. Furthermore, they also motivate students with tokens to unlock some of the rarer Blooks.

I’ve had so much fun working with Blooket so far, and I can’t wait to see what comes next.