Mr. samwel bett

a teacher at Sirwa secondary school


I am a Kenyan age 28, network marketer and a teacher by profession. currenly i am fulltime freelance writer who prides himself in putting out quality work specifically tailored to each individual clients needs. I write reviews,content writing, editing of articles and  proofreading. I strive to meet client objectives in a timely manner.

I teach: English and History

To ages: 1 to 22


September 17, 2012

Skype is a very important educational tool, it enables friends, families, groups, and student and teachers make interactions and learn from anywhere any time in the world. One thing that makes Skype the best educational tool is that it not only connect people but also very simple to use and you can send instant messages and make free video calls, this means that any educator can have it and can use to communicate with all his/her students. What does it take to have a Skype? Very simple student and teachers just need to create account and if already have an account they only need to sign in. You can register using Facebook account and get started. It is the best tool I can recommend to anyone for effective communication.

September 9, 2012

Edmodo is a social media network which is not only perfect for teachers and students but also to parents or guardians to use to share information in school. It collaborates and connect, share content and get access homework, school notices and grades. Edmodo helps Parents or guardians to monitor achievement the children in school and help them identify ways of collaborating with teachers and student to achieve learning objectives in school. Edmodo brings the power of social media to educators and customize classroom for all the learners. Edmodo creates effective learning environment for learners and easier coordination among teachers in school. It is easier to use, the profile can not be edit but you can delete already seen notifications. Get edmodo now and make school the best place for learning.

September 7, 2012

As an educator whenever I want to search a preview on a certain topic on a book from a certain publishers I used Google books, this tool enables me to access different books from libraries or publishers all over the world. Google books enables me to search for latest index of the world of the books, you do not have to pay to use the tool. I also use Google books to download public domain books in different format, what I have to do is just find public domain on Google books, the download is free of charge. I recommend this tool to any educator who really wants to acquire more knowledge by getting access to different books from different publishers and libraries all over the world.

September 7, 2012

Google Docs is a very essential tool for every educator; it creates effective way of teaching and monitoring learners. It keeps everyone and everything at the same page, with this tool educators are able to deal with large number of learners more effectively assigning them roles of editing documents and also giving them assignments. The tool does not only let you create different kinds of documents but also store documents. Google Docs is free for anyone who wants to use it, with an internet connection you can access files, documents from any computer anywhere any time in the world but also there are some things you can do with the tool without internet. This tool enables the work of an educator easier as it makes research work easier.I recommend this tool to any educator who really wants to achieve objectives for every lesson without much straining and also keep his learners close to him or her.

September 1, 2012

Garage Band is software application for iOS X and OS X that allows users to create podcast and music. It streamlines music sequencer and digital audio workstation that can play and record multiple tracks of audio. Its application allows you to correct mistakes, if you hit the wrong key, banged on a note with too much force or played a song at a wrong time you have ability to correct what you have done by editing, delete, move notes and shift notes back or forward. You can also increase notes ‘velocity software volume or which translate to louder along with change in sound (timbre) character. Additionally if you would like to cheat by adding a string that you could not possibly play by hand or you have missed note altogether you can simply add a note you want. It best tool that I can recommend to anyone to have lots of fun in life.

September 1, 2012

Blogger is a web tool used to publish blogs and blog hosting. It is important tool for educators as they can share different opinions regarding various topic in life example Mommy Factor blog, I publish this blog and get to share mom's opinion on media events , parenting, give ways on parenting issues and product reviews. I get to post questions on my blog and ask for opinions or vote on my blog. There is textile blogs that involves current subjects such as graduate shows, catwalk and designers works. It is a familiar tool and easy to use but at times some blogs may not be appealing to you as may not be appropriate for your audience to link, bloggers may have different display on its pages as per software programs. Blogger is a very important tool for all educators as they can use blogger to change teaching methods from class to learning through internet in class.

August 31, 2012

TED-Ed is an educational tool which was created to spread and share ideas and inspiration through research fellowship and conferences media, its lessons is done using video presentation called Flips, TED-Ed offers structured avenues to determine the content objectives by allowing teachers to "flip" any video presentation into sharable lesson ripe with information copy, attention keeping animations and questions. You can either use the video; completely redo or tweak any lesson featured on is really an important tool that helps educators find content for the lesson. The teaching method used gives learners high retention of what is learn.

August 31, 2012

Google Earth is a software tool used to explore the world. I usually used Google Earth in my social studies class and have discovered it is a very important teaching aid,my learners have been able to take a ride all over the world within a short time and discover physical features, geographical position of places and shape of the earth in real life situation for themselves. It has enable me to achieve my lesson objectives very easily and also learners retain what I teach in class as by the end of the lesson I usually ask questions and my the learners have been able to answer questions correctly, thanks to Google Earth. It creates a very interesting atmosphere in class.

Google Earth is a very important tool, it easy to operate I usually search on website zoom in dragging to place i want as my learners watch I explain what they need to know and it is really very interesting. It is a very important tool that every educator should for effective teaching.

August 31, 2012

Microsoft word is word processor that is designed to produce finest and accurate documents. I have been using Microsoft word to create documents, edit, print and also access documents from everywhere, and really it is an amazing software tool that produces impressive output as per the needs of anyone. Its enhanced features has enable me produce quality documents. Using Microsoft software makes easier to work with other people.

Microsoft office compatibility pack for excel and word together with word viewer enables me to open word documents saved in different formats such as word macro-Enabled document (.docm), word document (.docx), Text (.txt) Web Page formats (.htlm, htm, .mhtml, .mht) Rich Text Format (.rtf) and many others. With this compatibility pack and word viewer enables me to print, copy content program from another document,and view, however I cannot create a new document, save a document and edit an open document.

I have used Microsoft office programs such as Microsoft word 2003, Microsoft office word 2007 and Microsoft word 2010 and both are good as per different usage. For system to operate I had to download supported operating systems such as Window Server 2003, Window xp, Window 2000 Service pack 4, Window vista and service pack 2 which applies to above Microsoft programs.

I recommend this tool to all educators, friends and anyone who want to produce impressive documents and fun as you use Microsoft word, because have used it and I was able to achieve my objective as produce magnificent outcome.

August 31, 2012

Edsby is social networking tool that is design by IT professionals with advance student and class management; It is world best engagement platform for education. It helps teachers to manage department without challenges. Edsby runs a wide range of browsers, this enable you to deploy your network, your terms using your preferred environment. Edsby integrates your key systems like student information system, school directory, and email, this takes care of software upgrades, hardware upgrades, back ups and system monitoring. It Edsby is very affordable and charges student, teachers, principal, administrators and other staff same rate of pricing. Get now Edsby for effective management of school.

August 30, 2012

You Tube is used to upload videos in order to share with friends, families and the rest of the world, after creating presentation you can create account on You Tube and sign up, go to email account and verify by clicking the link send by You Tube. Share slides from presentation, upload it to YouTube without making any payment.You Tube is use to watch video, in order for you to view a video you need to get accessed to internet, that is you should have either computer laptop or compatible phone that can access internet. Enter You Tube website and write the name of the video you want and then search, in few seconds the name of video will definitely come out, select the choice of video you want to play if they are several select and click the arrow and play the song.

Advertisement can be made using You Tube, it can be made before the beginning of a video or when the video is in progress. Here You Tube has been used as informative media on products in the market. You Tube can be used to launch videos like songs for the first time and see if the quality of the video you produce meets the demand in the market. You Tube is easier to use and faster when using it. You Tube can be used to link various videos and share with friends and families. You Tube should not only be used to watch funny videos or for entertainment alone, but also to share knowledge and show area of expertise for one. It can be used to identify market for product.

August 30, 2012

You Tube is a video-sharing website that uses Adobe Flash Video and HTML5 technology to show a wide range of user-generated video content. Users can upload, view and share videos with family, friends and the world. It was created in February 2005 by former PayPal employees. Video songs of famous celebrities can be easily accessed in You Tube; recent footage of famous politicians around the world can also be accessed in the You Tube.

You Tube is very fast when uploading videos, every second one hour video is uploaded to You Tube, it takes few second to open You Tube website and also searching of a video takes little time. You Tube has brought advertisement to its mobile app. You don't pay to watch videos in You Tube neither does you get paid when you put a video on the You Tube. People just put video on You Tube just to share with friends, family and the world. When you upload videos on You Tube a third party can easily add ads on your video. Despite the fact that You Tube is video tool that every person should get to enjoy video uploads not all people could get accessed to You Tube.

To operate You Tube is very easy, once you open You Tube website it gives instruction on where to search videos and where to click to watch videos, it is very easy. Get free interesting video on You Tube now, share your video with friends and family and the world and get known without paying.