Mr. Andrew Atkins

Teacher at Nashville Christian School


A super nice member!

I teach: English, Journalism, Technology, Media and Broadcasting

To ages: 14 to 18


June 22, 2015

Dropbox is crucial to my work as a teacher. Being able to save files to Dropbox and then access them from other computers or devices means that I never have to worry if a critical file is on the computer or device that I am currently using. I regularly recommend Dropbox to colleagues–especially if they are interested in going paperless in their classroom.

June 22, 2015

I use Edmodo in all of my classes. It is the cornerstone of my being able to go paperless in all classes. I really like that is saves all of my resources, assignments, and quizzes from year to year which makes it extremely easy to reuse and modify assignments. It also integrates with Google Drive.