Ms. Anna Johnson



Anna Johnson is a mom, wife, marketer, special ed supporter, congenital heart defect advocate, iPad devotee and edtech believer. She works at LocoMotive Labs, a startup founded by the former Project Injini design team. Anna can be found tweeting occasionally about all things special ed and congenital heart defects @sumpepandwong. LocoMotive Labs designs exceptional assistive and play-based learning applications to empower kids with special needs to be independent learners and can be found online at


September 3, 2013

This is hands down the best storybook reading app/subscription service out there. It’s also the most expensive. I researched and tried them all. Meme Tales is a close second for my two kids. I love that my kids can read storybooks on the iPad that are carefully curated by someone else so I don’t have to do it myself. Reading Rainbow is totally nostalgic for me and it’s fantastic that it’s been updated to be used by the touch-screen generation.