A. Coreas

Teacher at Middle School NYCDOE


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I teach: Social Studies G6-8

To ages: 10 to 15


The list that the blog provides is helpful for teachers to see which best and safest way to engage students in discourse, especially on certain topics that are shown and talked about outside the classroom. If you are a teacher that needs a crash course on civics, there is a podcast that is called Civics 101 that is a basic refresher on how American democracy works. Implementing podcasts might be something new for teachers especially since there are podcasts that might not be student friendly due to language. Introducing podcasts to teachers during their professional learning time would be helpful since most people are listening to various types of podcasts and/or audiobooks which can be like a read-aloud. This will be beneficial for students to hear and speak out their thoughts after hearing something about topics from COVID to the role of parent’s involvement in education.

July 28, 2022

Teachers can learn how to use this site to engage students in learning about various cultures throughout history in a fun game in which they can work with a partner or in a group. To implement this resource for teachers it should be introduced in a short workshop in which teachers play this game and how they can implement it in their class or club period. This resource fosters global cultural awareness because it has historical and current kinds of arts and famous persons throughout history in which students must guess which image is older and read more about it after the fact. This would be positive for classroom engagement, in which students will be intrigued to learn more about other cultures by playing this chronological order game.