Mr. Chuck Parsons

Owner at Score LA


Score LA is a website dedicated to the sprawling California city in the south, which happens to be the heart of the United State’s movie and TV industry. Near the iconic Hollywood sign stands the studios Paramount Pictures, Universal, Warner Brothers, and others that also give behind-the-scenes tours.

But more than the entertainment industry, we will also spotlight the many businesses in the City of Los Angeles on this website. If Los Angeles were to become a country of its own, its economy would be one of the largest internationally.

Home to almost 250,000 businesses, with larger women and minority-owned businesses than any other in the country. It is the United State’s top international trade and manufacturing center. This proves that Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the best sources of information for business, finance, and the economy. And that is what we want to impart to the rest of the world.

Our Mission
“To discover, and deliver innovative ideas that help businesses- regardless of size, flourish, innovate, and prevail despite the challenges it encounters.”

Our Vision
“With the help of Score LA, we visualize a world where business owners are not afraid of failure, for they are not endings but rather parts of the journey to success.”

I teach ages: 1 to 22


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