frederic watare

Deputy General Manager at Mazaam Interactive Inc.


A super nice member!

I teach: Music, Cognitive Development

To ages: 4 to 6


January 29, 2020

When the app first starts, it begins some classical music that is very upbeat and jolly, and some fantastic design features and animations. It doesn’t require any words or explanation, as there is only one button to click (the plus button) then you select the avatar you want, based on 5 lovely designs. Again, text isn’t necessary, it all makes a lot of sense, which is fantastic for children of this age. You can of course this way, have multiple users and monitor all of their progress just through one app.

You can select the ‘adult’ button and fill in a simple maths question to access the full tutorial. The tutorial is incredibly detailed and really helpful, but also has excel-lent animation and design, to keep anyone occupied and interested!

Within this section, although it has the tutorial, you can also see all of the things your child has worked through on the app, how many stars they have achieved, and therefore how much progress they have made across different musical elements such as tempo, pitch, intensity, harmony and timbre. This is really fantastic for adults to be able to identify strengths and weaknesses for their child across the different levels and worlds. There is also further detail of all the music that their child has interacted with, and links to the music with their titles, composers and links to Spotify and Apple Music to listen to the tracks themselves. You are also able to purchase the full version here (which seems well worth it!).

From the main menu you can press the ‘child and parent’ picture, which allows you to play with an adult too. It offers the use of the camera, provides you with songs to select, and step-by-step guidance of how to play together. It was lots of fun and exercise by dancing together.

When the child selects a level to play, the design and animations are really fantastic. The layering, colours and music alongside is so interesting and full of character, I absolutely love it. When you open the world, there are some really clear instructions. However, on the first game, it confused me a little, as I hadn’t realized I had to click and drag… that might just need to be made a little clearer on the chameleon game!!

I loved the fact that the chameleon tempo level, for example, became more difficult by the fact that the colour of the butterflies changed, so the student couldn’t just match the colours. However, the chameleons still recognized which one they wanted so it kept it slightly differentiated. This worked excellently.

Overall, this is an excellent app. Full of fun for children, but so much to learn and enjoy, with excellent design and capabilities, and a fantastic opportunity for parents to observe, monitor, and take part too!