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I teach ages: 1 to 22


My name is Steve W. and I am from Chicago, IL and I am 50 years old trying to learn piano.

I signed up for a free trial using Joytunes Simplypiano app, which was supposed to be 30 day free trial, So on June 7th I started my trial and I was not asked for payment information yet. On Jun 13th 90$ was mysteriously withdrawn from my debit account and JoyTunes was the culprit. First of all the trial was supposed to be 30 days long before any money was paid and second, they somehow got a hold of my debit card information. Before 2 weeks was up they fraudulently accessed my debit card and withdrew 90$ a full 2 weeks before the trial ending date! and they somehow accessed my debit info without my permission!! As far as I am concerned They are no better than some hacker who steals peoples information for financial gain.

If anyone does not believe my story or wants more information feel free to ask me questions as I would not want anyone else to have this experience. Contact me at email [email protected]

Steve W.