Ms. Deanna Adams


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March 6, 2013

I use this in many different ways to teach math. It can be used to teach straight-line geometric principles, place value, carrying and regrouping. The kids love it, even when we aren’t using it as a manipulative program. I personally love to play on the Survival game mode while it is on the Easy setting.

Hardcore is actually not a game mode but a play difficulty setting. The three game modes are Survival, Creative and Adventure. The game difficulty settings are Peaceful (no monsters), Easy (monsters are few and easy to avoid or destroy), Normal (more monsters which are harder to kill), and Hardcore (all cheats are deactivated and you get one life to live). The kids like Creative – Peaceful and I play on Survival – Easy.

In addition to math, it can be used to teach about supply and demand, surplus, deficit, survival skills, and a multitude of other skills. It is, in my opinion, easily customized.

I would definitely recommend it.